This strategy done correctly makes you £30k of cashflow profit and £20k of equity growth (being cautious) = £50k a year of cash and equity from one property!! Learn to do it! And learn to do it properly! Get the wrong one and it will only make you £20k a year. Get the right one and it will make you wealthy – in fact learn the skill once and then use it again to get 2,3,4,5 or more!

I am active in this strategy right now – buying a further eight this year – why? Because it is so successful. And once you do the hard work to set it up – it works without you. Five minutes a week on what’s app. I holiday 14 weeks of the year with my family and that includes 8 weeks in the summer (the busiest time for these properties – still 5 minutes a week on WhatsApp)

Most training at this level are a 2 or 3 day event and that’s it. This is far more. Watch the video to understand it fully but in summary:
  • Over 200 hours of online learning that you will have access to for LIFE
  • Over 80 videos just on Holiday Lets and over 80 documents to support every step. It is as detailed as what colour flannels to provide, what towns to get your properties in, how to rule a property in or out and check what profit it will make before you even buy it. Through to how to raise any money you need to do this strategy as you will want to do lots of them!
  • Learn how to make the first 70-90k of profit per property and pay no tax on it at all! That is for each property you buy.
  • Lifetime updates on that training so once you are part of the family if things change (which of course they do in property) then you get an email – even if you are no longer working with us directly by then.
  • ​Deal analysers and rules that mean it’s a yes/no decision very quickly.
  • 2 days of live training with me in person where you can have one to one time with me to ask questions and get taught in an intimate group what you need.
  • ​8 fortnightly Q and A sessions over the first 3 months while you do your learning to answers questions and clarify things.
  • ​A peer group of hundreds who have already trained with me and become financially free or are well on their way. People that live close to you, people doing the same strategy as you.
  • ​Access to my EXPERT TEAM – so the mortgage broker, accountants, solicitors, capital allowance surveyors, valuers and tradespeople I use become yours when you work as my mentee.
  • ​My personal email for a whole year – so you can send me as many questions as you want, and I personally answer them (not someone else – me).
  • ​Ability to ask me questions under any of the online training videos and have me personally answer them (not someone else – me).
  • ​We will show you how to put your training cost as an expense on your tax return so a 40% taxpayer will claim £1000 back and a 20% tax payer £500 back from your investment with us.
  • ​Your partner (family member or someone you are in business with already) can have all the above for FREE. So, you get a plus one totally and utterly for FREE.
  • ​And we guarantee your results. If you can commit 3 hours a week to your journey – if you don’t take at least £50,000 in bookings on your first property we will give you back every penny you have invested to train with us.
  • ​Lastly, I am the only person in the UK teaching this niche – plenty are calling it holiday lets when its not and its serviced accommodation. I teach that separately – this niche is massively profitable and an investor strategy. I am doing it and have been for years. I am actively buying more and I am the only one teaching it in the industry with this level of profit.
In case you don’t know me – I have over 200 properties, have helped our clients to buy over 1300 and I educate over 1000,000 people a year and have done for a long time now. I am buying in the market right now, so I am teaching you strategies that work right now. Click and read the attached brochure and then take ACTION and back yourself and I can’t wait to work with you – join Holiday Let Mentorship Academy now!

Aran Curry
Your Guarantee
"Take £50,000 of bookings from your first property or its FREE."

Payment Options
It's normally £3,991 to just get a ticket to one of Aran's events. But for this full package including far more you won't even pay that.

"If you think it's expensive to pay for learning, imagine the cost of not learning it!"
"If you are looking for a mentor - look no further. Aran Curry is the real deal. He offers incredible value. Everything you could possibly need to succeed in becoming successful in your property journey is made instantly available. He genuinely cares about his students and goes the extra mile to help you succeed. If I could give him 10 stars I would without hesitation."
- Roy Snow

"Aran Curry has an extremely charismatic way of delivering content in a blunt, honest, harsh-but-fair, say-it-with-love way! I'm so impressed with his financial know-how around the property business & will certainly be following his advice, his power team recommendations & his mindset guidance."
- Linda Young

"I have learnt some golden nuggets through attending webinars and doing the Holiday Let training programme with The Insight Group. Arans professional training and really useful tips have helped me on my investment journey and have helped me avoid what could have been expensive mistakes! The back up provided by the Insight group is first class and very friendly.

Customer Support are always there to answer any questions and provide great support. The webinars and all the course material is content rich and Aran also helps you to find the right mindset for investing in property whichever strategy you are following. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
- Jayne Watson

"I am more than happy to share my experience with property training with The Insight Group with Aran Curry at the helm. Having recently started their Holiday Let after a weekend of Six Figure Property Plan Training, I find the course does not disappoint. It is very professionally delivered, the course material, videos and webinars are very comprehensive. Aran is very patient, and answers questions very thoughtfully and the office is more than happy to put you through to his expert Tax and Mortgage Brokers for example for complex situations that the more experienced students and property investors & developers find themselves in, as appropriate.

Extremely professional, efficient and welcoming into the group from Day One - straight talking and caring, he goes the extra mile and there are so many bonuses and ongoing support. Found this company about six months ago via an FB advert and have attended several useful free webinars before taking the plunge."

- Sarah France

"I have dabbled in many types of business over the years. Including property.
Property is by far the most lucrative and together with my wife I have control of more than £2,000,000. I am 74 and recently retired and have tried many things including building a fair size Amazon business.

The first day I started Aran's training I realised my portfolio should have been the same size as his and I realised I knew absolutely nothing about property. The JV money I lost would not have been lost if I had had this training and used the correct forms. The course is about holiday lets but it includes every type of let, family, hmo etc etc.

In the first hour I knew I had saved the price of the course just on tax alone. It has made me realise with my current portfolio I should be enjoying life to the full and reaping the rewards and from this point on I will. It has also made me determined to build another portfolio over the next few years which will involve my grown children as well.

I have bought training courses before and some of them have made me a lot of money, but I have never bought a more comprehensive course covering such a vast range of strategies, even someone with no money has the ability using this course to get started in property in a very short time. Every step is documented, there is a video for every step which is available for life to watch and replay until you get it.

Aran has an excellent training manner that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next step. I am about half way through this course and I can't stop learning. If you do get into it use a company like Arans because they know exactly how to do it in the safest possible way."
- John Russell
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