When you do anything new, we all know that you can go so much quicker and more successfully with the right training, support and accountability. To do a great job you get great training (some people train for years) and all too often people forget this when they think about investing in property. They take their life savings or equity and with no training do their best – then wonder why it has not worked as they hoped.

Then it's about choosing the right training. So many programs to choose between and trainers. I categorically know that this is the best value for money training at this price point. Why? Because I want to give you everything you need and because I will give you a guarantee that within 3 years you will be making at least £30k per annum of profit you can spend from your properties (on top of anything you already have) with the program.

Most training at this level are a 2 or 3 day event and that’s it. This is far more. Watch the video to understand it fully but in summary:
  • Over 200 hours of online learning that you will have access to for LIFE.
  • Lifetime updates on that training so once you are part of the family if things change (which of course they do in property) then you get an email – even if you are no longer working with us directly by then.
  • ​The five core strategies that consistently make people over £100k a year – training videos on each in detail and how to pick the right one.
  • ​Deal analysers and rules that mean it’s a yes/no decision very quickly for each of those strategies.
  • ​3 days of live training with me in person where you can have one to one time with me to ask questions and get taught in an intimate group what you need.
  • ​6 fortnightly Q and A sessions over the first 3 months while you do your learning to answers questions and clarify things.
  • ​A peer group of hundreds who have already trained with me and become financially free or are well on their way. People that live close to you, people doing the same strategy as you.
  • ​Access to my EXPERT TEAM – so the mortgage broker, accountants, solicitors, capital allowance surveyors, valuers and tradespeople I use become yours when you work as my mentee.
  • ​My personal email for a whole year – so you can send me as many questions as you want, and I personally answer them (not someone else – me).
  • ​Ability to ask me questions under any of the online training videos and have me personally answer them (not someone else – me).
  • We will show you how to put your training cost as an expense on your tax return so a 40% taxpayer will claim £1000 back and a 20% tax payer £500 back from your investment with us.
  • ​Your partner (family member or someone you are in business with already) can have all the above for FREE. So, you get a plus one totally and utterly for FREE.
  • And we guarantee your results. As long as you can commit 3 hours a week to your journey – if you have not built a portfolio that makes you at least £30,000 per annum within 3 years we will give you ever penny back you invested. No one has ever claimed on this but it's for peace of mind – so you know it works – or you get every penny back!
In case you don’t know me – I have over 200 properties, have helped our clients to buy over 1,400 and I educate over 100,000 people a year and have done for a long time now. I am buying in the market right now, so I am teaching you strategies that work right now.

Click and read the attached brochure and then take ACTION and back yourself and I can't wait to work with you – join Property Mentorship Academy now!

Aran Curry
Your Guarantee
You can do this safely if you learn the right rules and which properties to buy and not to buy. You can do it securely if you set everything up properly and you can become financially free only if you have a full plan that takes you every step of the way from where you are to financial freedom.

"You will grow a portfolio over the next 3 years that makes you at least an extra £30,000 per annum of cashflow profit per annum or you get your money back"

Payment Options
It's normally £3,991 to just get a ticket to one of Aran's events. But for this full package including far more you won't even pay that.

"If you think it's expensive to pay for learning, imagine the cost of not learning it!"
"Since starting training with Aran 18 months ago I now have 78 buy to let properties and growing. We can now live from the cashflow and will have massive equity growth over the coming years. Aran knows his stuff and we highly recommend him."
- Oliver Cheshire

"Aran delivers all the training himself so you are learning from the Master. He provides great content and resources and is ably supported by a committed and helpful team of staff.

Aran genuinely cares about helping people and will take the time to respond to all the questions. He has phenomenal energy, passion and knowledge which combined with his extensive experience and success in property investing will inspire and enable people to succeed in their own property journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Aran and his Insight Group."
- Sushila Patel

"If you are looking for a property mentor coach I recommend Aran more than 100 percent to anyone. He is simply amazing, very committed, full of passion and he gives more than, he goes the extra mile and he is fully invested in helping others be financially free. Aran also genuinely cares and there are no education programmes like his on the market. Please join and free yourself."
- Trudie Wellington

"For newbies this is an informative program. Aran is clearly committed to his work and this comes across in the way that he teaches. It's the logical approach with defined steps that helps give an overall appreciation. Like the fact that you can email him and his team directly for support and answers to questions."
- Claire Harvey

"I joined the Property Mentorship Academy nearly a year ago and I have grown from strength to strength in my property knowledge and confidence. For years I had been toying with the idea of investing in property but I was so afraid to start and wasn't sure how to go about it.

However, I'm now about to complete on my 2nd Buy to Let purchase and it's all thanks to Aran and his company. Not only has my property knowledge and skills improved, but so had my mindset and attitude towards money. I would recommend Aran and The Insight Group to anyone interested in property."
- Peter