I love the Serviced Accommodation strategy – so many call it holiday lets – it’s not – I have a different product on that.

There are 12 guests types for your serviced accommodation. You can start with £6k and within 27 months have five properties making you profits of more than £50k without any further investment. You can take a buy to let you already own and start making 12k per annum of profit and pay not tax on that for 2-3 years if you know what you are doing. You can team up with landlords with properties already or with people who will do all the work for you easily – my students are teaming up every week.

So with little time and little effort and little financial commitment you can make a lot of money.

I teach it because I believe in it and I do it because I believe in it – we are in the process of adding a further 4 SA units a month to our own portfolio - it works! When you know what you are doing.

It doesn’t work if you don’t!!

Most training at this level are a two-day event and that’s it. This is far more. Watch the video to understand it fully, and in summary:
  • Over 200 hours of online learning that you will have access to for LIFE.
  • Over 80 videos just on Serviced Accommodation and over 80 documents to support every step. It is as detailed as what colour flannels to provide, what towns to get your properties in, and what streets, how to rule a property in or out and check what profit it will make before you even buy it. Through to how to raise any money you need to do this strategy as you will want to do lots of them!
  • Learn how to make the first 30k of profit per property and pay no tax on it at all! That is for each property you buy.
  • ​Learn how to start with no money and get others to give you the keys to their properties and make 10k a property profit within 3 months.
  • ​Lifetime updates on that training so once you are part of the family if things change (which of course they do in property) then you get an email – even if you are no longer working with us directly by then.
  • ​Deal analysers and rules that mean it’s a yes/no decision very quickly.
  • ​2 days of live training with me in person where you can have one to one time with me to ask questions and get taught in an intimate group what you need.
  • ​8 fortnightly Q and A sessions over the first 3 months while you do your learning to answers questions and clarify things.
  • ​A peer group of hundreds who have already trained with me and become financially free or are well on their way. People that live close to you, people doing the same strategy as you.
  • ​Access to my EXPERT TEAM – so the mortgage broker, accountants, solicitors, capital allowance surveyors, valuers and tradespeople I use become yours when you work as my mentee.
  • ​My personal email for a whole year – so you can send me as many questions as you want, and I personally answer them (not someone else – me).
  • ​Ability to ask me questions under any of the online training videos and have me personally answer them (not someone else – me).
  • ​We will show you how to put your training cost as an expense on your tax return so a 40% taxpayer will claim £1000 back and a 20% tax payer £500 back from your investment with us.
  • ​Your partner (family member or someone you are in business with already) can have all the above for FREE. So, you get a plus one totally and utterly for FREE.
  • And we guarantee your results. If you can commit 3 hours a week to your journey – if you don’t take at least £20,000 in bookings on your first property we will give you back every penny you have invested to train with us.
In case you don’t know me – I have over 200 properties, have helped our clients to buy over 1,400 and I educate over 100,000 people a year and have done for a long time now. I am buying in the market right now, so I am teaching you strategies that work right now.

Click and read the attached brochure and then take ACTION and back yourself and I can’t wait to work with you – join Serviced Accommodation Mentorship Academy now!

Aran Curry
Your Guarantee
"Take £20,000 of bookings from your first property or its FREE"

Payment Options
It's normally £3,991 to just get a ticket to one of Aran's events. But for this full package including far more you won't even pay that.

"If you think it's expensive to pay for learning, imagine the cost of not learning it!"
"Within 8 months of working with Aran - 6 serviced accommodation properties and a plan to get another 10 in the next year"
- Sarah Ludar-Smith

"I have been working with Aran Curry and the team for the last few months and would recommend it to anyone who is seriously interested in making a career of property. the information provided is invaluable."
- Eleanor Hewitt

"I had 1 property when I met Aran and within 12 months had 18!"
- Rahim Bah

"I truly believe that Aran is No1 in property education in the UK. He is not just extremely knowledgeable but also inspires his students to a great level of personal mastery and personal growth. I have taken so much from his programmes, not just on the property side but also on the personal growth aspect. His team is super-efficient, friendly and responsive. The training programme includes online learning videos, live events and live Q&A sessions. He has massively over-delivered on this programme beyond my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommended joining his programmes."
- Gavin

"Aran is a brilliant mentor and trainer. He is genuinely keen to help people on their property journey, and his knowledge is second to none. I considered many different mentors before choosing Aran's courses, and I definitely made the right choice."
- Philip Tasker

"It's superb, you get so much more than you may bargain for! You will be pickled by the end but that is just the marinating of success! Stick at it! Keep an open mind but stay focused on your goal and vision. Aran takes you beyond bricks and mortar and into the mind of yourself and others, to help you find an easier way of moving through life."
- Stephen & Marie Kirwan