If you have an interest fill in your details and speak to one of our team for free and then you can make an informed decision about whether to join our programme!

You can also contact our team at 01625 464651 or through our email at info@theinsightgroup.co.uk.

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Aran Curry
“I’ve found my education with Aran, insightful, enlightening and mind-blowing…

2 years from now, I think we’ll be earning £120,000 per year!

This training is priceless. Come with an open mind and you’re going to be amazed at what you find out.”
- Helen & Luke Pawson

"You can be sure to get all the help, support and knowledge from this company that's been around property and training for a long time. A company that can be trusted and which has such an amazing team of people and resources that are second to none.
Resources include: A dedicated training portal full of helpful videos, a FB group, a WhatsApp group, regular webinars and dedicated email support. You can be sure to get your property learning and practice underway without doubt if you use this company."
- Angelo and Justine Squitieri

"Aran Curry is a brilliant mentor. I am part of his VIP group and he serves his students to the highest standards. I would recommend them to anyone."
- Jeffrey

"Amazing relevant content! Aran speaks with determination and integrity, and is great at motivating you to take action along your property journey...where ever you may be. Looking forward to completing on our next two properties with you in the upcoming weeks, really excited."
- Wayne Quinton

"I have many years experience as a property investor. Joining the Insight Group's VIP training programme has vastly excelerated the build of my portfolio. Within 9 months I have developed my knowledge and skills to expert level, enabling me to purchase three BTL properties which produce excellent cashflows and attract joint venture partners for future projects. Thanks to The Insight Group I will achieve my goal of financial freedom."
- Errol Williamson

"Really appreciate the support and help that Aran and his team provides. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aran to anyone who is serious about property investment and I would encourage you to go full out and join his VIP group. I just wish I had come across his course before!!"
- M Key

"I am a member of the VIP program, Aran is an amazing mentor. The courses are well delivered and organised, communication is excellent and the events on Zoom so far have been throughly enjoyable and extremely educational in many ways not just about property! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in becoming financially free from property investing!"
- Sarah Ludar-Smith

"The Insight Group is one of the most professional property training companies I have come across. Everybody at the company is friendly, approachable and down to earth. The VIP programme is great value for money and offers fantastic support throughout. Aran's knowledge is invaluable."
- Helen

"Aran is a motivational speaker, he is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He encourages you to be the best and most successful person you can be. He is not scared to challenge you and take you outside your comfort zone, but this is what is needed for you to succeed. I would 100% recommend Aran as a teacher/mentor and I am so glad that I am in his VIP group, I feel I am in a very privileged place!!"
- Sue Harrop

"Anyone who is serious about learning to make a living from property (rather than dabbling!) needs to invest in learning. I have tried other trainers, but have found I associate with Aran's values and ethics more than anyone else. You would be well advised to get your training here."
- Andy Glaves

"If you are interested in property investment or you are an investor who wants to grow and grow the right way then AC's VIP programme is an excellent choice. The deep dives and wealth of information as well as the extended length of the programme and support are what marks it above any competitor or other programme."
- Aaron Hampton

"It’s superb, you get so much more than you may bargain for!! You will be pickled by the end but that is just the marinating of success!! Stick at it! Keep an open mind but stay focused on your goal and vision. Aran takes you beyond bricks and mirror and into the mind of yourself and others, to help you find an easier way of moving through life."
Stephen Kirwan

"If you are interested in learning if property might be a vehicle for financial security or to add an income pillar. I would 100% recommend taking a look at Aran's training. Having joined the VIP group, after the first 3 day training course, I am confident I have made the right decision with a wise investment. Now it is up to me to "get out of my own way"! and follow the guidance."
Kaye Thompson

"This event is excellent. Along with the rest of the two year training program, it seems to be well worth the money, if you are serious about making money from property. Aran is very knowledgeable and he really cares. The life coaching/mindset coaching is also excellent, I could go on and write a whole page..."
Kieran Magee

"If you are interested in investing in property in either SA, Holiday Lets, Family Lets then this gives you the information, motivation and support to make you successful."
Graham Ludar-Smith

"Knowledge, generosity of self, openness and honesty as well as preparedness to give time and resources above and beyond what is normally expected from training."
Tracy Jassal

"Inspiring, thought provoking, challenges your mindset. Worthwhile. Exctiting."
Mysty Amber

"A must to get yourself straight on your property journey"
Neville Maw

"Do not hesitate to attend, my friend! It will open your eyes, and if you decide to take it a step further, it will change your life for better."
Artur Idec

"It will be the best investment of your life, make the invest, don't think about it, do it."
Errol Williamson

"Some great property investment overview and mindset content, to really start the process of growth."
Sarah Price